a different kind of adoption...
Our adoption agency is the first of its kind to enhance the private adoption process. At Private Adoption Services, Inc., we work with both the birth parents and the adoptive parents to design a unique adoption experience tailor-made to their expectations.
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Who we are

 We provide a warm, understanding environment with both the support and counseling of an agency as well as the freedom and control of a private adoption.

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, our services extend to birthmothers from Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. However, many newborns placed through our agency have found homes with couples located across the country.
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No obligation consultations

We offer birthparents a free, no obligation consultation to help you understand the adoption process. Call the office today to speak with our director.

Custom adoption experience

Everyone experiences adoption differently. At Private Adoption Services, we hope to customize the experience to your expectations as much as possible.
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