About Our Birthmothers

Our Birthmothers

Everyone's adoption experience is unique. Every success story is founded in creating a relationship of trust and security between the birthmother and the adoptive parent(s). We asked several birthmothers which qualities they believe an adoptive couple must possess to inspire confidence in their decision.
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 “I feel an adoptive couple must have patience and understanding. Also, very high morals and values to be able to love a child that is not blood and raise him/her as their own.”


“The religion helps. The smile on their face when they were the chosen ones was good enough for me. The positive outlook on life, especially for trying to get a baby for a while. They never gave up.”


“The qualities of love and care for the baby (of course) and show that they care too about the birthmother as well. They have to know it's the hardest decision someone could make in their own life.”


“If they have other children, then the relationship between them needs to be good. They need to be financially sound and live in a “good” house. Their marriage needs to be stable. They need to be able to love a child regardless of race, sex, and any problems the child may have.”


“I feel that one of the most important qualifications a couple can possess is a well-educated understanding of the whole adoption process. The need for trust, honesty and faith in each other and acceptance of the inevitable risks.”


“Love for each other. Love for God. Being non-judgmental about the birthmother’s situation. Stability (financially, not “rich,” but stable). For me, a willingness to keep me updated on my child.”


“They must be open, non-judgmental, positive. They should encourage her to share her feelings (with them or someone else). They should be friendly and care for her as a person.”
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