Our in-state adoption program

Our In-State Newborn Adoption Program is for couples residing in the state of Ohio and desiring a newborn or an infant up to one year of age of full Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, African-American, or multi-racial descent. Most of the newborns adopted through Private Adoption Services, Inc. are placed with the adoptive couple directly from the hospital. The average wait for this program may be two years from the date of your application to the date of placement, with no guarantee of a placement. Since we are a private placing agency, our birthparent(s) select the couple they wish to parent the child and therefore, we do not have a traditional “list” of waiting couples.
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The process

We require completion of the following tasks before we can begin to show your profile to birthmothers. Please call the office and we would be happy to send you an information packet.
  1. Completion of the Prospective Adoptive Parents Data Form as well as our Prospective Adoptive Parents Consult Form 
  2. In-person or telephone consultation with Carolyn to discuss your expectations of adoption and any concerns you may have about the process.
  3. An approved Ohio homestudy. The average timeframe for completion of a homestudy is 6-8 weeks, though one may be expedited and completed in 4 weeks. An Ohio Homestudy requires the following supplemental documents:
    1. Medical and financial statements for each person in the home.
    2. At least three reference letters
  4. An FBI and BCI (state) background check for all adults in the home. It’s a quick and easy process; they take your fingerprints electronically and the results arrive relatively quickly. Have the results sent to Private Adoption Services, 3411 Michigan Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45208.
  5. After we’ve received your approved homestudy and the required supporting documents, we will ask you to put together a profile/letter to birthmothers complete with pictures, anecdotes, and other information you care to share.

Additional information

You can find information regarding children in foster care by visiting the web page of the Ohio Adoption Photo Listing. The web address for the Ohio Adoption Photo Listing is: http://jfs.ohio.gov/oapl.

If you wish to receive a copy of our adoption policy, it is available upon request. Also, feel free to peruse the Ohio Adoption Guide (available here) at your leisure.
Full understanding of the adoption process cannot be ascertained until you are immersed in the process. The in-office consultation will go a long way to addressing if our agency and/or program are right for your family. Adoption is a life long process and one we can help you with to achieve your forever family.
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