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Our out-of-state adoption program

Private Adoption Services, Inc. is an Ohio licensed adoption agency located in Cincinnati. We place primarily healthy newborn infants or infants up to one year of age of all races. Most of our birthparents are residents of the state of Ohio, but we place children in homes across the country. If you reside outside of the state of Ohio, our agency-to-agency program is a way for you to connect with our birthmothers while working with an adoption agency licensed in your own state.
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The process

We require completion of the following tasks before we can begin to show your profile to birthmothers. Please call the office and we will send you an information packet. 

  1. Completion of the Prospective Adoptive Parents Data Form as well as the Prospective Adoptive Parents Consult Form. 
  2. In-person or telephone consultation with Carolyn to discuss your expectations of adoption and any concerns you may have about the process.
  3. Medical and financial statements for each person in the home. In the event that your home state does not require medical or financial statements, we include those statements in your information packet. Please complete them and return them with your completed homestudy.
  4. At least three reference letters. If your home state already requires personal references, we do not require any more than three and will happily accept the letters submitted for your homestudy.
  5. A letter from the agency that conducted your homestudy that assures us that said agency will be providing post-placement visits and submitting the reports to us on a monthly basis.*
  6. An approved homestudy completed in your own state. The average timeframe for completion of a homestudy is 6 weeks, though your state may require more or less time. 
  7. An FBI and BCI (state) background check for all adults in the home. It’s a quick and easy process; they take your fingerprints electronically and the results arrive relatively quickly. Check online for a qualifying facility near you. Have the results sent to Private Adoption Services, 3411 Michigan Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45208.
  8. After we’ve received your approved homestudy and the required supporting documents, we will ask you to put together a profile/letter to birthmothers complete with pictures, anecdotes, and other information you would like to share(see About Our Birthmothers for tips).

Once you are selected

When a birthmother shows interest in your profile, we will set up a telephone conference call to allow you and the birthmother to become better acquainted. If the birthmother chooses you, you are considered "matched" and will be sent a contract from our agency outlining the rights and obligations of all parties involved as well as a fee schedule. Our fee includes birth parent pre-and post-placement counseling, family support, education and information sharing, collection of social and medical information, required adoption assessor duties, consultation and collaboration with hospital staff, preparation of documents and termination of parental rights of birth mother and birth father, and acceptance of custody and placement of the child to you, the adoptive parent(s). Furthermore, the fee includes Interstate Compliance with the adoption laws of Ohio and the receiving state. For more specific information on fees, feel free to Contact Us.

Adoption timeline

Most couples successfully adopt a domestic born child within 12 to 36 months. However, since birthparents select the adoptive parents, little control if any is exhibited by Private Adoption Services, Inc. in the selection process and therefore, it is possible that a couple will not successfully adopt through our program.
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