We asked several birthmothers who have worked with us in the past to describe what it is like to place their child for adoption.
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Juanita: “It's the hardest thing you can do, but the bravest thing you can do for someone else. You are not being selfish, you are sharing a piece of you with someone else who won’t experience the birth for themselves.”

Deborah: “Being a birthmother does not make me a saint. Nor does it make me a terrible person. I wanted to provide a child with the best home possible. The best parents possible just happened to be someone other than the child’s birthparents.”

Amy: “As a birthmother placing my child for adoption, it was a very hard decision to make, but it was the best decision for everyone involved! I would like to say if you’ve never placed your child for adoption or know anyone who has, please don’t criticize or put them down. Ask them why, try to see their reasons. It’s hard enough going through the adoption process. Birthmothers don’t need to be put down by people who don’t understand. Put yourself in their shoes."
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Meg: “It was the hardest and the best thing anyone can do. I feel so good that I could give my child and her parents such a wonderful gift. I gave a part of myself.”

Becky: “Birthmothers are not terrible mothers. We are mothers worrying about the child’s future.”

Diane: Honorable, proud, sad, happy, you go through every emotion at one point in time. You have to be strong, but it’s worth the gift you give to your child and to couples who are [unable] to see their own offspring. I always give my story to any pregnant teen who will listen.”
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Chrissy: “Being a birthmother is extremely rewarding. I know in my heart that I did what was best for my child. I gave him life, first of all, and secondly, I gave him a wonderful life. What else could a mother want!?”

Megan: “This was one of the most emotional times I will ever have in my life. I think being a birthmother is a precious experience.”

Natalie: “Being a birthmother has to be one of the hardest decisions to make. Wanting to hold your baby comes in your mind all the time. It takes a lot of inner strength and love to give one of the most precious babies away to a family who shares the same love toward your baby and making that family the happiest people alive.”

Laura: “It is one of the most difficult, but also one of the most beautiful, powerful, and fulfilling decisions to make.”
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